Thursday, June 18, 2009

I got an unexpected surprise this week when I received a copy of my friend Jeannine Stein's new book Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials. I have a project that is featured in the gallery section of the book -- page 112-113! It's the first time my work has been published in a book!

My contribution is a book I made as a keepsake of my 40th birthday. I used an old ledger as the front and back covers of my book, and vintage fabric for the binding. I used the birthday cards I received at my party as the pages inside the book. I thought it would be a fun way to keep the birthday cards and commemorate the occasion.

I was thrilled and honored to be a part of Jeannine's book. She is truly one of the most gifted artists I've ever known. I met her in the very first art class I took in California, and we became instant friends. She's been a huge inspiration to me ever since. I look forward to seeing what she does next!

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Breathing Beside Us said...

How wonderful!
Congrdulations Norman.
XO Deb

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