Friday, January 22, 2010

"Becoming Norman" runs from 2/25 - 2/28

I am pleased to announce that my new one-person play Becoming Norman will be playing at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood this February 25 - 28!

"Both funny and poignant, Becoming Norman is a one-person show with music about a gay man who grew up in a conservative Mormon home in Utah and always wanted to be a performer. We follow his struggle to accept himself even as he yearns for the love and approval of those around him. Looking back on his life and the stories that made him who he is, he finds the courage to stop hiding behind his fears and to finally let his voice be heard."

Tickets are available at

I'm very proud of this piece and hope you'll be able to come!


Trishia said...

Norman, I obviously don't know what month I'm in:) I was thinking your show was in Jan. Duh?! I find the whole concept of what you have created rather mind-blowing. It seems it must be the cathartic equivalent of 10 years of therapy -- but better:) Bonne chance!

Cheryl said...

Norman - that was one of the most powerful theater experiences I've ever had - and I've had a lot. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it - not that I wanted to! - and all the people I want to bring to see it. Seriously. PLEASE put it up again soon. Yours is a beautiful story, beautifully told, and it touches deeply resonant places in many, many of us. Thank you, sweet man!

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